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RELIEF FROM a RED PIMPLE SOMETIMES when u have more access to oil on ur face it can cause u a pimple which is increased day by day. sometimes pimple is also painful we try so many thinks to decrease it but getting it smaller it gets increase. therefore here now I am going u to give the best way to decrease acne redness. HAVE HOT WATER CLOTH Have warm water which is not so hot or cold because extreme hot will dry ur skin and cold water will don't work. so have proper temperature water .add half teaspoon salt and stir it. after this wet cotton cloth in it and kept on pimple calmly try to get warmness to a pimple which will help it reduce repeat this process again and again for 15 min don't exceed it because it will dry ur skin. this process is not applicable for dry skin. This process can be done only twice a day but if it doesn't help then please try to consult with the dermatologist.